Pre-authorization by Debit card or Credit card and Cash Deposit are both acceptable


Please note that a preauthorisation doesn't charge anything to your account,but the amount  blocked by your bank for the duration of your rental. Once your rental has finished, it is automatically unblocked. This movement does not generate any billing to your account.

Cash Deposit:

We accept GBP, Euro, USD and Turkish Lira. This is refunded on returning the vehicle

Note: Repeat customers and property owners in Turkey do not have to give a deposit.

Driving Licence & Age

Drivers should provide a valid national or international driver's license held at least 3 years and minimum 23 years age for groups Economy to Wagon, 25 years of age and minimum 3 years of driver's licence for groups Standard and higher, 28+ years of age for groups Luxury or higher. If you are over 75 years old please inform us, age restrictions may apply in certain locations

Rates Include/Rates Exclude

Rates include : Unlimited km in Aegean and mediterrenian region, Third Party Insurance (Up to legal limits), Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Insurance, VAT 20 %, local taxes, oil, maintenance, 24 hours road assistance. Rates Exclude : Fuel, Personal insurance (PAI), one way rental fees (where applicable), optional extras ( additional drivers, infant/child seat, special equipment, optional insurances), parking fees, highway tolls, delivery & collection out of office city/airport limits.

Insurance Types

Third Party Insurance :

Covers the damages caused by the renter to other vehicles, people, property, in legal limits defined by Government of Turkey

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) :

Covers the accidental damages to the rental car. CDW does not cover excess fee/deductible when the damage is renter's fault depending on traffic report, windscreen and headlight breakage, tyre punctures and theft of spare tyre. Those can be waived by buying optional Super CDW insurance.

Theft Insurance :

Covers the car when it is stolen. The customer may be responsible for paying rental fee up to the date the car founded. This limit is 30 days (where applicable). If the car is not founded at the end of this limit, the customer does not pay any rental fee for further days when the police is informed at the time of theft.

Personal Accident Insurance :

Covers the personal injuries caused by traffic accident to the renter while driving in the limits of the rental car's insurance policy. Non-Turkish citizens usually do not need that insurance as their personal health insurance or travel insurance may cover the personal injuries.

HTW Insurance :

In some locations, it may be available instead of Super CDW insurance to cover headlight and windscreen breakage, tyre punctures.If you buy HTW insurance it makes excess half.

Super CDW Insurance :

It is an insurance policy which covers the excess fee/deductible, windscreen and headlight breakage, tyre punctures and theft of spare tyre for your car rental booking. Excess Amounts are; for groups (economy) 500.00 EUR, for groups (minivan) 1000.00 EUR. Super CDW may be buy at the time of pick up and it's price depends on the car group and number of rental days.

Important Note :

Insurances are void if driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, had passed the legal speed limits, the traffic report is not obtained from the police, damaged car and traffic report not returned to the nearest REGAL CAR HIRE office in 48 hours. Insurance also does not cover the damages due to the misuse of the car and damages caused by gross negligence.

Additional Drivers

Rental cars may be driven by maximum 2 additional drivers apart from main driver. No charges often apply for additional drivers. Additional drivers should meet age and licence requirements at the time of rental, also should be registered in the rental agreement. If any accident occurs while non-registered driver is driving the rental car insurance will be void.

Infant/Child/Booster seats

Up on request at the time of booking infant/child/booster seats are available at an additional cost up to 3.00 GBP per day depending on the number of rental days.

Flight Information

It is customer's responsibility to provide the correct flight number and arrival time, before departure. If this is not available at the time of booking, please ensure that you will inform us of this at least seven days prior to departure. If the information is not provided in time, no responsibility can be accepted or compensation allowed for a failed rental. This is to allow staff to be ready for you on arrival.

Delivery & Collection

There is no delivery and collection fee at the cities where REGAL CAR HIRE offices are during the office working hours. If you need to pick up/drop off from hotel, accommodation address or out of city limits or office hours, there may be a fee applies EU 0.50 per Km to the nearest REGAL CAR HIRE office.

One Way Rentals

Delivery to another REGAL CAR HIRE service point instead of car pick up one, is defined one way rental. There is EU 0.50/km drop off fee multiplied by the distance between the pick up and drop off points.

Car Groups/Models

Particular makes and models of vehicles are not guaranteed. The requested group and specifications (e.g. Compact A/C manual) would be guaranteed. REGAL CAR HIRE reserves the right to substitute the car type reserved to a similar or higher car group, under circumstances beyond control.

Delayed Return/Early Return

Delayed Return : For each hour the charge is 1/3 of daily rate. If it's more than 3 hours then it will be counted as an extra day.

Early Return : There are no refunds given for vehicles returned before the specified return date/time written in the rental agreement.

Condition of Vehicle

Vehicle should be returned at the same condition it is rented. If a special cleaning is required it may be charged at return.

Fuel Policy

Vehicles are not provided full tank, so client should return the car as it is rented. If the car is returned with more fuel than at pick up, there will be no refund.
Traffic Fines

Legal responsibilities resulting from traffic violations incurred during the rental period must be payed by renter.


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